Welcome to Prenntek Designs’ Workshop

Using contrasting woods, mixing dark and light, gives a pleasing effect

Our workshop is based at our home in West Cornwall.

We use traditional cabinet making skills to lovingly construct our boxes. Every box is individually designed and hand made and takes many hours in our workshop to produce.

The Band Saw

To enable the required details and intricate inlays we use a small band saw.

Mitre Joints

The mitre joints at the corners are all keyed to provide strength and durability.

Traditional Scraping

The scraping application is done with a traditional cabinet making scrape.

Sanding Techniques

The sanding is all done by hand,I usually use 100 grit, going down to 150 grit fine paper.

Dovetail Joints

All the joints on any drawers are all traditional hand cut dovetail joints.

Solid Brass Hinges

All hinges are solid brass with brass slotted crews running parallel with the grain.

The Finishing Touches

No stains or artificial colours are used. Each product has at least two coats of Finishing Oil, a light sanding with flour paper between coats, then two applications of beeswax.

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